Zyeal Entrepreneurship Program Affiliate

Become an entrepreneur

Discover your potential. Become a Zyeal Affiliate and bring Zyeal entrepreneurship programs to your city, and in schools and colleges.

The Zyeal entrepreneurship program is hosted on a Learning Management System that makes it accessible everywhere. The program is designed for all types of learning – from online self-learning to a complete face-to-face teaching in a classroom setting.

We empower instructors with the resources needed to introduce students to entrepreneurship and develop mindsets and skillsets of entrepreneurial thinking. We do short-term two-day workshops introducing instructors to entrepreneurship education. We do this by helping them try some or all of the activities, modules, and tasks that students will tackle in the curriculum.


Earn an Income

The program can be delivered as an after-school program or an in-school program. Affiliate partners will manage both channels of distribution. You can run your own classes as an instructor for after-school Zyeal entrepreneurship program.

Earn money every time a student starts and completes the program.

Marketing capability

Affiliates will be adept at marketing and selling the program in their territory using social media channels.

No upfront fee

Zyeal doesn’t ask for any upfront fee. Only a belief in the Zyeal Entrepreneurship Program, access to infrastructure to classrooms and a determination to grow the business.

Inspire students

Immerse yourself in the Zyeal Entrepreneurial Program and help students learn how Zyeal activities teach creativity, idea generation, and design thinking along with entrepreneurship, market research, business models, and idea pitching.

We are here to help

We will support Affiliates through the entire program delivery.

Contact us for details of the Affiliate program.