Fair pricing to learn entrepreneurship. You can learn alone, by yourself or you can take some support from us. You can go for one-on-one coaching. This option is best for entrepreneurs testing their business idea before quitting their job! We recommend schools and colleges to connect with us.

Features/ product Individual Individual with Support Individual with full support to set up business School / College
Learning method Self-learning Assisted learning One-on-one engagement Classroom
Price (per month) $100 (Rs 7,950) $275 (Rs 19,995) $3,500 (Rs. 265,000) $2000 (Rs 150,000) *
Payment Full course payment Full course payment Monthly payments Monthly invoices
Duration 20 weeks / 5 months 20 weeks / 5 months 20 weeks 20 weeks / 5 months
Program Full features Full features Full features Full features
Curriculum upgrade Yes Yes Yes Yes
Assignment review No Yes Yes By instructor
Feedback No Yes Yes By instructor
Online video conference support over entire 20-week program No Yes (5 hours) We believe this is adequate. Yes (35 hours) Yes, for instructor clarifications (5 hours)
Instructor training Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable 2 days of training for one-time fee of US$ 3500 (Rs265,000)
Pricing FAQ's

How does billing work?

We will send you an email asking to securely connect your payment details, or you can use the payment gateway using a credit card. You will be charged the fee as defined by the option you choose in advance for the month.

How do I pay for this?

We are using CCAveneus / Stripe / PayPal to process your payments. With it you are safe, and we don't handle your credit card information directly.

Do you offer discounts?

Prices for individual users are fixed. If you are a school or a college, reach out to us and we will help you based on scope and scale of engagement.

How long does implementation take?

You can get started in seconds.

Do you have dedicated support?

We want to make sure that you have a great experience with Zyeal. We are available via email, and video calls to answer any questions you might have. Our LMS partners - CloodOn – have accessible technology support.

How do you approach security?

We treat your data seriously.

The technology backbone of Zyeal is of our LMS partner – CloodOn, 143 Richmond Road, Rathna Avenue, Bangalore 560025, India and governed by their Privacy Policy. The platform is hosted on a secure cloud service platform of our LMS partner.

Can I have a demo before signing up?

We have a lesson module that can be experienced before signing up. Contact us to arrange the experience.  

Got more questions? Talk to us.